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Window Cleaning

Interior / Exterior Window Cleaning
Glass, frames and ledges wiped
Screens and tracks cleaned


Screen Cleaning

Appreciate your newly cleaned windows. Give your dirty screens a wash for $3/screen.

Track Cleaning

Dirt, grime and mold can collect in the nooks and craneys of your windows. Have your tracks detailed!

Blind Cleaning

Wiping down blinds is not an easy task. And who has time for that? We have the time and patience!

Pot Lights

With potlights around your home so high up and out of reach, have us change those burnt bulbs.

Vent Cleaning

Keeping your vents clear of lint and debris requires having a ladder and guts. We have both.


*For homes up to 3000sq'* All exterior window cleaning. Includes all exterior windows, doors and garage door windows. For homes larger then 3000sq' or homes with French p...
Exterior Window Cleaning
1 hr 30 min
*For homes up to 3000sq'* Package includes interior and exterior window cleaning for all windows and doors in the house, includes screens and tracks. Tracks and screens a...
Complete Window Cleaning
3 hr
For those screens that need more then a simple wipe. We have the Screen Detailing Package. *for home under 3500sq'*
Screen Detailing Package
1 hr
Cleaning tracks sometimes involves more then a simple wipe. Sometimes we have to get down to the nitty gritty and remove mold, grime and dirt in the corners. For those mo...
Detail Track Package
1 hr
We will replace up to 7 of your exterior soffit pot lights with new more efficient LED potlights.
Pot Light Replacement
1 hr
Complete eaves trough / gutter cleaning including the downspouts. *for homes up to 3000sq'*
Gutter / Downspout Cleaning
2 hr
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